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Level 3 Aftershave Cologne

Level 3 Aftershave Cologne

Level 3 After Shave Cologne - Calms Redness and Irritation - Hydrating and Refreshing for your Skin - Protects from Nicks and Bumps L3 - Level Three Mens Aftershave 13.5 OZ - 400 ML

  • Why To Use Aftershave ?

    • REDUCES REDNESS AND INFLAMATION - Our after shave for men is made with a formula that reduces any redness and takes care of any inflammation!
    • HYDRATES AND MOISTURIZES - The men aftershave cologne is designed to keep your skin smoother, softer and revitalized.
    • PROTECTS FROM NICKS AND RAZOR BUMPS - The unique ingredients of our after shave balm and cologne protects the skin from nicks, skin breakouts, razor bumps, and cuts.
    • REFRESHING - After using our men shaving products and aftershave you will feel and look refreshing!
    • IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - We made sure to find a formula that worked for all skin types soothing after shave .
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